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Thoughts on the poetry of Hamlet Isaxanli

Camal Mustafayev, Philosopher, Professor:

● What are the reasons for the poetry of Hamlet Isaxanli causing such a sensation? I would reply in short: Originality of the poetic thoughts and artistic searches in the poems written in different genre. The embodiment of the themes dealing with love and secrets of the world, the meaning, and the peculiarity of the style vary in his every poem. How can we reveal the mystery of Hamlet Isaxanli’s literary activity? He is a poet possessing the mastery of expressing rhymed thoughts in a few words.

● Hamlet Isaxanli has really a sensitive and tender personality thoughtful to nature and to man. Maybe it is because he was brought up in the lap of nature. To feel and to experience intuitively the tragic and contrasting incidents happening in nature is a great human quality and tenderness that is only characteristic to the poets’ nature.

● The feeling of tender harmony ties a mathematician with a composer or with a poet. Pythagoras invented musical harmony by the comparison of numbers. The master of quatrains, Omar Khayyam developed solid ideas in Mathematics. Those accomplishments gave rise to the poetry of a well-known Mathematician Hamlet Isayev [Isaxanli].

● Hamlet Isaxanli is tied deeply to his native people, and it is his fine poetry that proves this fact. His book of poems “Contrasts” clearly reflects his creative notions based on the national poetical harmony.

● The poem “I just fell in love with you” revives the simple beauty of real worldly love.

● The poetry of Hamlet Isaxanli is not purely cherishing artistic taste. In his poems aestheticism is poetically reflected in unity with lively thought.

● Feeling sorry for the other’s sorrowful fate preserves the purity, nobility of sense. The being of nature is not an exception in these human feelings. The poem “A bird in the sea” touches us with its conveying excitation and worry.

● Readers will discover Hamlet Isaxanli’s poems pursuant to their spiritual aesthetic interests and tastes.

● His translations from the Russian poetry of the XIX and XX centuries sound beautiful in our native language. These translations cherish the taste of the readers who recognize the graceful form and poetical meaning of the word.

Movlud Suleymanli, writer:

● We have read a lot of poems about poppies, obviously we shall read a lot about them. But the poem “Poppy” by Hamlet Isaxanli consisting of only four strophes is the expression of the “Great Word”, which is eternal.

● I read the poem “A bird in the sea”. Sincerely I have to say that I remembered all the partings of the world. The poem doesn’t deal with great problems. The poem lines a momentary, but unforgettable sketch in the imagination. You are plunged in the feelings explained by the view as if you listen to the native song.

● While reading Hamlet Isaxanli’s poem “Cranes” I unintentionally remembered M.V. Vidadi’s, M.V. Vagif’s “Cranes”. How fresh and touching are the thought and the form of expression in Hamlet Isaxanli’s “Cranes” side by side with those beautiful classic poems, which are considered to be our national wealth. (“Isn’t there left any fresh air in the sky, cranes”).

Nariman Hasanzade, poet:

● The creative work of Hamlet Isaxanli is philosophical poetry, poetry of grief. His poem “Don’t keep silence, speak, Mother” is one of the best genuine poems devoted to a mother.

Vidadi Babanli, writer:

● We are glad that the world of Hamlet Isaxanli’s poems is so glorious and inviting. Our heart fills with joy when witnessing the success of the writers who came to the world of literature after us.

Zalimxan Yagub, poet:
● Hamlet Isaxanli’s poem “ I just simply fell in love with you” is as fine and simple as the words “Everybody knows you are mine” from the poem “Azerbaijan” written by Samad Vurgun, and it is known by everyone now.

● Artistic value, poetical weight, philosophical load, light, core, and the essence of the poetry of Hamlet Isaxanli are based on the fact that it gathers intellectuals of Azerbaijan around itself.

Touray Atabaki, historian,
translator, Amsterdam, the Netherlands:
● One of the ways to define the poetry of Hamlet Isaxanli may be modern Sufism, modern mysticism.

H. A. Schmiede, Philologist,
Translator, Germany:
● I started reading your books of poems with great interest and delight. Turning over the pages I first got attracted with the poem “You became Hadji, I congratulate you”. Let your writing hands be never exhausted! Generally, when reading your poems it became clear to me that there is a strange relation between Mathematics and Poetry. I think, mathematics is in the junction of Natural Sciences with Humanities and Theology. I can’t explain any other way the well-known mathematician’s being a deeply sensitive poet.

Muzaffar Shukur,
● Hamlet Isaxanli’s modesty and simplicity, characteristic to other great men was a pleasant discovery for me. This is an appearance of a high moral and intellect. Yet, I am deeply impressed by my meeting with Hamlet Isaxanli.
● The Eastern wisdom and European contemplating thought go together in the poetry of Hamlet Isaxanli.

Nijad Mikayilzade,
linguist, physiologist:
● When starting reading you become fascinated and can’t put it down without reading from the beginning till the end, you read it without stopping. I am talking about the collection of the poems “Contrasts” written by Hamlet Isaxanli.
●Hamlet Isaxanli’s poem “I just fell in love with you” reflects the ability of expressing complicated feelings with very simple words.
● Humorous language rich with the terminology of Islam, written in a classic style, the poem “You became Hadji, I congratulate you” deserves everybody’s attention. This poem shows that the author knows deeply the old traditions and ceremonies of Islam.
Brilliant Dadashova,
● “Contrasts” is the book which I read often, love most of all and which I never want to part with.

Sevil Gultan,
● He is a great poet. Only the great poets can see the tears of a bird. Only the great poets can be on the verge of tears upon seeing the broken wing of a bird. Only the great poets can weep upon seeing the death of a bird. The poet expresses these feelings in his poem “A bird in the sea”.

● I think if somebody wants to know the poet, first of all he has to read his poem “I want to stay lonely”. While reading this poem one can see a real Poet.

The newspaper “our century” 23 September 2003
Kamran Nazirli “The poetical world of the famous scientist”:
● His own poems and translations from Russian poetry, which have been collected in the book “Contrasts”, demonstrate his talent, his lyrical poetical world. The book reflects the delicate and edifying feelings strained from his rich imagination.
● One of the main peculiarities, which attracts one’s attention in Hamlet Isaxanli’s poetry, is his simplicity, sweetness and uniqueness of his poetic style.
● The author of the book turns the notes of life into literary texture with the help of his ability of observation and strong aesthetic feeling. As a result he creates elegant lyricism.
● Though the topics of his poems vary, they are bound in one whole unity: Human love. I think the happiness of the poet is that, in spite of all contradictions, contrasts and delight of this love; he is never satisfied and lives with thirst of love.
● The life picture, which he created in his book “Contrasts”, glorifies to the same extent both delight and grief. The feelings that amaze, shake and enjoy a man turn into the lyrical lines. The reader in fact considers those feelings as native, the feelings of his own.

Salim Muslimov,
economist – scholar:
● Hamlet Isaxanli’s poems are charming and different from all others. His poems are the most meaningful and sincere among the poems I have read and listened to.

Firangiz Nassirova,
philologist, translator:
● The expression of love to a mother, to a woman, to a child, to a country, to nature, to his dream – has created great harmony in the poetry of Hamlet Isaxanli.

Aziz Punhan
● The poems, written by the mathematician-scientist with his poetical thoughts and graceful inspiration, have the power to embrace the modern literary processes in it.
● While reading his book “Contrasts” a reader never gets tired due to his various meaningful literary thoughts, fluent and frank language. When we follow his literary activity; when we read his poems written at different times we feel that he is always concerned about the fate of society.
● Hamlet Isaxanli’s high intellect, culture, morality and noble nature can be clearly seen in his poems.
● The poem, “You became a Hadji, I congratulate you” informs the author’s deep knowledge of religion. Side by side with different fields of life he also describes the religious problems using literary language. Using the original words performed in the ceremony of Hadj in Arabic and Persian he has created a fine work.

From the editor’s preface to the poetry book
“The feelings turning into poems”
by Hamlet Isaxanli
Tabriz Iran:
● The book in our hand is Hamlet Isaxanli’s notes from the bottom of the heart full of feelings. Two well-known scholars and writers Camal Mustafayev and Movlud Suleymanli’s comprehensive articles about the poet and his literary activity are included in the book, too.